Service delivery time depends on the number of orders. Each customer is informed about how long the service will take. The standard waiting time is from 7 to 10 business days or 1-5 business days with express option

In the event of a complaint, please contact our Customer Service Department at napiszdonas@woshwosh.pl. We usually process complaints within 14 days

Offers cannot be combined. They are valid in main locations on ul. Międzyborska 65 and on ul. Solec 81b lok. p60 in Warsaw.

Please, contact the Customer Service Department: napiszdonas@woshwosh.pl

Payment for the service is charged in advance. We accept both card and cash.


Pick-up Point is a place where you can leave your shoes. They will be sent to our main WoshWosh point and sent back to selected Pick-up Point after provided service.

Yes, all pick-up points provide the same services as our main point, except for individual personalization.


The possibility of canceling the order depends on where are we in the process. Refunds are provided on vouchers.

In case of not receiving confirmation of your order, please contact Customer Service Department – napiszdonas@woshwosh.pl

We issue VAT invoices only when placing an order. Invoices are sent to customers by email.

Please, contact Customer Service Department: napiszdonas@woshwosh.pl

We provide 3 months warranty for all our services from the moment you collect your footwear.

It is possible to collect orders without a receipt. Customer Service will find the order by phone number, email address, or your name.

Yes, such information should be sent to our email address: napiszdonas@woshwosh.pl

If the service has not been fully implemented, there is such a possibility. To do this, please contact the Customer Service Department (napiszdonas@woshwosh.pl)

Each voucher has an expiration date written. It can be redeemed anywhere (both in main points and Pick-up Points)

Shoes can be packed in any box (we utilize boxes in which shoes are packed)

We reply within 24 hours. Customer Service Department working hours: (Monday-Friday 11-19 and Saturdays 10-15:30, excluding holidays and non-working days)

If you prefer your shoes to be sent by courier, you will be asked to pay the delivery costs (bank account number, title, delivery name) and send the shipping address and confirmation of the bank transfer to the Customer Service Department.

After 7 days from receiving SMS shoes will be sent to a paid warehouse (fee PLN 2 per day of storage). Customer is obliged to pay a storage fee when collecting footwear or leave other shoes, then the storage fee is canceled.

A courier usually has 3 parcel delivery approaches. If failed, it will return to WoshWosh and package will be sent again (the costs of re-sending are borne by the customer)

The standard pick up time is 7 days, but if you need more time, please contact Customer Service Department.

The storage fee must be paid when collecting footwear. If you leave another pair of shoes the payment is canceled.

Shoes can be sent by courier, parcel locker (paczkomat) or by post. In Warsaw, we also have an option of a one-day picpack courier.