We care about Your shoes

We are the first company in Europe specializing in footwear circularity.

We emerged from a passion for shoes and ecology, as well as the need to implement zero waste ideas. We provide services for both individual and business clients. Operating since 2015, we specialize in professional shoe cleaning and repair. For over 6 years, we have been organizing shoe collections for those in need, collecting and donating over 200 thousand pairs of shoes.

We educate the market, support the second-hand sector, and contribute to a better tomorrow for our planet. Since 2015, we have given a second life to nearly 550,000 pairs of shoes, saving:

  • over 7 million kg of CO2
    (which would allow for a journey around the Earth approximately 1,500 times)
  • over 4 trillion liters of water
    (enough to cover New Zealand’s water demand for an entire year)

Remember, by choosing the woshwosh cleaning service instead of throwing away your footwear, you reduce your carbon footprint by up to 93%!

Now we’re also in every Żabka store!

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Martyna Zastawna

The founder of woshwosh. A pioneer and advocate of circularity in Europe. Recognized as one of the most influential women by Forbes and one of the most promising women in business worldwide by Fortune. A leader in Sustainable Development according to Forbes magazine. A climate expert at the European Investment Bank and the United Nations. Lecturer and mentor.

Awards and Recognitions:

Customer testimonials

If someone has damaged, dirty shoes and is planning to buy new ones, it’s worth holding off and giving them to WashWash – they work wonders with shoes. This way, I managed to save 3 pairs, 2 sports shoes, and one pair of dress shoes dirtied during a wedding.

Wanda Drzazga


If you have damaged, dirty shoes or simply got tired of their old design, they will help you here. The range of services is very wide, with very friendly service and convenient locations. They have the appropriate equipment for washing and drying footwear…

Andrzej Kurka


The service was completed on time, the shoes (ecru suede) look like new after three years of intensive use, although I didn’t have high hopes that their life would be restored – additionally, the efficient email communication with customer service was a plus. I recommend!

Katarzyna Jasna



zero waste

because less means more.
More for the planet.
More for people.


because the future
matters to us


because we know there are shoes, behind which stand
the most beautiful memories

social responsibility

we care for the community
in which we live and work.

craftsmanship preservation

we care for the community
in which we live and work.

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