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In the B2B segment, we give a second life to work footwear and clothing by refreshing, repairing, and renewing them.

Now we’re also in every Żabka store!

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Circularity leader

woshwosh is the first company in Europe dedicated to footwear circularity.
We emerged from a passion for shoes and ecology, driven by the need to realize the idea of zero waste.


years in business

The company was founded in 2015 in Warsaw


million pairs of shoes renewed

We specialize in cleaning, repair, and renewal of footwear.


miliona CO2 (kg) OFFSET

The impact over the entire period of use through CO2 emissions reduction (shoe renovation vs. production)


thousands of pairs of shoes collected and donated to those in need

We support the shoe cycle by organizing collections for those in need

Cleaning and disinfection of work footwear

Why is it worth starting cooperation with us?

  • Save on professional cleaning and disinfection!
    We tailor an individual price list to suit the type of your business and needs. By working with us, you can save up to 260 PLN per pair of shoes and 165 PLN per piece of clothing.asaa
  • Reduce your carbon footprint with us!
    By working with us, you reduce the carbon footprint in your organization. Cleaning and disinfecting footwear reduces the carbon footprint by up to 93% compared to purchasing new shoes. We provide decarbonization reports.
  • Introduce an ecological service to your ESG report!
    Our service is ecological and circular. You can include it in your ESG report.
  • Meet legal requirements for shoe cleaning!
    Remember that the employer has a legal obligation to clean and disinfect footwear.

*Article 237, Chapter 9 of the LABOR CODE Obligation to provide employees with workwear and footwear; Regulation of the Minister of Health regarding harmful biological factors to health in the work environment (…)

Our technology

We have expertise from the Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute (CIOP-PIB). Upon request, we provide the necessary certificates to the client.

Thanks to years of experience, we have developed our own technology with professional, certified cleaning agents for work footwear and clothing.

Our technology generates 70% less water usage compared to washing machines.

They trusted us

Contact for inquiries about the offer

Olga Młynarczyk

Sales Director

Charity collection of woshwosh

At woshwosh, we prioritize action and eco-education. We collaborate with major companies in Poland and Europe – implementing circular practices. You can find our services in 10,000 Żabka stores.

We support the second-hand market and charitable actions. Since 2018, we have been organizing shoe and clothing drives for those in need in cooperation with [organization name]. We collaborate with over 40 foundations across Europe.

Our collections primarily aim to help those in need, but also to raise awareness about zero waste.

Thanks to the campaign, shoes and clothing worn for years, which often end up in the trash, can get a second life and be genuinely useful to someone who really needs them.

The shoes and clothing collected during the drive are sorted, disinfected, and cleaned – ensuring they are in very good condition before being distributed to those in need or circulated for reuse.

We organize collections in cooperation with companies – collecting footwear among employees and/or in stores/locations.

We have collected and donated
over 200 000 pairs of shoes!

4th edition of the Shoe Collection for the Homeless

2nd edition of the Shoe Collection for the Homeless

Why is it worth being a collection partner?

  • Real help for those in need
  • Implementing circularity of footwear and clothing into your company (instead of throwing away – giving a second life)
  • Action in line with ESG principles (possibility of including actions in reports)
  • Raising awareness about zero waste and responsible fashion
  • Wide organic reach of the campaign
  • Responsible branding actions inside and outside the organization
  • Responsible integration among employees
  • Learning good habits
  • Decarbonization actions that can be included in reports and increase indicators

collection partners

Are you interested in participating in the collection?

Olga Młynarczyk

Sales Director

Workshops for companies

We organize workshops for companies and private individuals on:

We organize events and educational activities with major companies in Poland and Europe. Do you want to implement such activities into your company? Write to us.

Are you interested in cooperating with us?

Fill out the contact form, we will prepare an offer best suited to your business. We believe in people who share a love for the environment and an ethical approach to business. It is with you that we want to identify ourselves and act for the better. Welcome!