About Us

woshwosh team

When we reach back, we see big plans and a small apartment... stacked up with shoes to the ceiling. Several years have passed since then. A lot of things has changed - approach, possibilities, locations, technology, people. However, one thing remained unchanged. Priorities. At WoshWosh, we believe that ecology is the future for business.

We also believe
in people. People with whom we share a love for the environment, clean business rules... and of course shoes. We want to identify with you and together do what is best for our planet.

Today, WoshWosh is made of reliable team of professionals, several locations throughout Poland and thousands of satisfied customers, both business and individual.


Taking care of footwear has become just as common as washing clothes or bedding. People become increasingly aware of the danger of global warming and impacts of excessive waste production.

To meet the needs of people from all over Poland, we decided to build a network of points to facilitate delivery of shoes to WoshWosh and lower shipping costs.

Pure profit for partner points from all over Poland:
- A great opportunity to increase incomes
- Attracting new customers with both shoes and clothes
- Increasing advertising and marketing coverage thanks to our Social Media and traditional media
- We provide employee trainings, ongoing support and assistance



Every year, more and more companies are developing their business strategy with the need for education for employees in the field of ecology and environmental protection.

They look for solutions, organise trainings and events. How about WoshWosh? It fits perfectly into this trend.

In addition to the broad theory, we offer practical classes where we teach how to influence better on our own tomorrow. Who do we work with? We work with employees of industries such as hotels, FMCG, construction, clothing, footwear and more. What facilities do we have? For 5 years, we took care of 35,000 pairs of shoes.

We are professionals, enthusiasts, and artisans. We know how to take care of each shoe. Footwear manufacturers for whom we train staff benefit from our knowledge. We have already trained over 8,000 individual and business clients.




Average cost of work footwear in Poland

150 zł

Saving the environment. One pair of work footwear is about 50 years old. Cleaning shoes extends their life by up to several years. By working with us you are contributing to the ecological environment.

Cleaning and disinfection of work shoes in WoshWosh

from 19,99 zł

Employee health and comfort. Periodic cleaning and disinfection increases the employee's comfort of work.

Saving the budget

130,01 zł

Socially Responsible Activities (CSR)



Do your employees wear work shoes? Before you buy a new pair, find out why is
it worth to clean them instead:

  • Your gain:: cleaning instead of buying a new footwear is a large cost saving.
  • Professional cleaning and disinfection extends shoe life for another month or even years.
  • Your employees’ health - we get rid of dangerous bacteria and toxins.
  • Your company will enter the stream of ecological activities – CSR (Social Corporate Responsibility)
  • You do not have to buy shoes for a new employee - all he needs is a clean and disinfected footwear.

Take care. Do not throw away.
Take care of your employees' health,
ecology and company’s budget.
And do not be afraid of safety inspections.
We have the necessary certificates!